About Hanna

Hanna Pajala-Assefa on nykytanssin ja tanssielokuvan parissa työskentelevä tanssitaiteilija. Hänen viimeisin näyttämöteoksensa Poimintoja, sai ensi-iltansa 4.9. 2015 Vuotalossa, Helsingissä. Näyttämöteos Erään rakkauden historia nähtiin  Zodiak – Uuden tanssin keskuksen ohjelmistossa vuonna 2013 ja  kiertueella 2014. Hän on työskennellyt tanssielokuvan kehittäjänä ja edistäjänä Suomessa perustaen Loikka tanssielokuva festivaalin vuonna 2008 ja toimien festivaalin taiteellisena johtajana vuoteen 2012. Vuonna 2013 hänet palkittiin Tanssin Maineteko -palkinnolla uraauurtavasta työstä suomalaisen tanssielokuvan edistäjänä. Hän työskentelee parhaillaan Soiva liike –metodin parissa.

Hanna Pajala-Assefa is a contemporary dance artist, who works in various dance disciplines as a choreographer, dancer, researcher and pedagog. In 2013 was awarded with the ”Finnish Dance Achievement”-Award, for her ground breaking work in founding and developing Loikka – dance film festival. Her latest stage work Poimintoja was premiered in September 2015. Her previous piece ”History of a Love”, was seen at Zodiak –  Center for New Dance 2013 and toured 2014. She is currently developing and researching an interdisciplinary method called Sounding Motion.

Some selected works and performances

Research and development of Sounding Motion –method (current)

The mode of the research is practice based art-pedagogical research aiming for developing the Sounding Movement –method (later SoMo –method) and drawing artistic and theoretic conclusions from this work.

SoMo –method was developed during a year long artistic research period that led to a creation of performance Excerpts (prem. 4.9. 2015). The method uses specifically created sensor technology from movement that enables a dancer to compose a musical score out of physical movements. In the method technological means (data harvested from movement sensors translated into sound) enable simultaneous improvised movement composition and music composing that lead into a sonic dancer. The SoMo –method focuses on highlighting body awareness and self-reflection in improvisation practice and performance. It gives the dancer full power to define how one moves, sounds and communicates. In addition to the visual spectacle the method offers the audience an auditive channel to hear the movement, experience kinetic empathy, and through this interpret contemporary dance.

The research aim is to further develop this method, through several somatic and improvisation practices together with developing the technological means and applications, and by defining the musical elements and structures.

Sounding Motion research in Vimeo: 

2015 Poimintoja/Excerpts – premiere 4.9.2015 Vuotalo

Excerpts is a contemporary dance and sound-art performance where an instrument is created out of the bodies of two dancers and the space they are moving in.

This performance was created by a group of artists working interdisciplinary researching new technology, music and contemporary dance. Through this investigation and development of sensor technology for artistic use they created a Sounding Motion method and practice. In Excerpts the entire soundscape and music is created out of the movement of the dancers and gives the viewer an audible stream to read and emerge kinetically into the fascinating art of dance.

Excerpts Trailer: https://vimeo.com/139120336

History of a Love – premiere 24.9.2013 Zodiak – Center for New Dance

A duet between a dancer and a musician revealing their shared emotional history. An encounter between the two artists, their wills, emotions and pulses, giving birth to a polyphonic music – a rhythmic microcosmos which functions under laws defined by listening, surrendering and establishing mutual trust.

History of a Love trailer  https://vimeo.com/77931773


The Showing  – touring 2007 – 2016

Site-specific performance Showing was originally made for a private house.

The artist constructs the piece assuming that house is for sale. The audience is invited inside by the artist who takes on a character of a real estate agent keen to sell the house to the audience. However, the agent’s presentation quickly transforms from official to personal revealing more details about the agent than the home she is trying to sell. Partly-improvised, full of humour and warmth, “Showing” is a solo-performance dealing with ideas of femininity, fragility and aging body.

Showing has been performed and adapted into numerous different locations and countries. The venues vary from full scale restaurant-theater into tiny studio apartment. This intimate and strong piece has touched audiences in Europe, USA and Central America and stayed in the repertoire for over 9 years.

Vimeo link: http://vimeo.com/31348021


Loikka Kontakti and Loikka dance film festival 


Hanna Pajala-Assefa founded Loikka – dance film festival in 2008 and was the artistic director of the festival 2008-2012 curating the program, producing the festival and developing the dance film scene in Finland. Currently working as head of the Board in Loikka Kontakti and at Loikka festival coordinating and developing the LoikkaPro professional program. www.loikka.fi




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