Working with digital tools and environments — shifting the choreographic practice

This presentation discusses the ontological shift in choreographic practices in perspective of working within digital technology and interactive artefact mediated performance.  

The complex, interconnected network of actors within the digitally enhanced creative process shifts the role of a choreographer and poses new questions on what is considered as dance creation and where to position the creators of such an artwork. The presentation reflects to the development process of an interactive sonic and visual artefact and performance ‘Connection Retrieval’ during the MoDi project and other artistic work processes within the technologically mediated dance. I address the shift of paradigm in contemporary performance when the body is entangled with a digitally induced environment, but also the methodological and practical challenges inherent in the creative process.

I propose three ontological shifts in the choreographer’s practice while considering the modes and importance of 1) ones subjective lived experience; 2) director-collaborator-choreographer’s role; and 3) positioning the audience, — and how these shifts play an integral part in developing digital artworks and conceptualising the new digitally enhanced performance behaviour. 


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