Sounding Motion -method

 – and what is its corporeal significance

Soli ryhmä 12.4.

Parallel to aspects derived from its core field, contemporary dance, the research project integrates aspects of the ”computed body”-paradigm by means of new interfaces for musical expression (NIME). Central element of this work is the Sounding Motion -method (SoMo -method). It serves as a tool to explore fundamental questions of corporeality and how it can be conducted through dance practice.

A major part of the SoMo -method is an interactive digital interface for musical expression. It consists of pressure sensors attached to the dancer’s body from which triggers and amplitude parameters are extracted to control playback of (pre-recorded or computer generated) sounds. This allows the dancer/mover to create her immediate and improvised composition/soundscape out of her movements. With this help, the SoMo -method allows to highlight body awareness and self-reflection in improvisation practice and performance. It empowers the dancer to define not only how he/she moves but also how one’s movement sounds and communicates sonically while moving. In addition to the common visual element of dance, the method offers the audience an auditive channel to hear the movement, experience kinetic empathy and, through this, gain a new level of interpretation for contemporary dance. The SoMo -method is a powerful, expressive tool in creating art works with embodied meaning and concepts.

The SoMo -method was developed during a research period that led to a performance Excerpts, premiered 4.9.2015 in Helsinki, Finland.

Developing and researching the SoMo method is the core of all work.

To continue the practice we aim to create a thriving environment for artists from across disciplines to join our investigation and contribute their experience to the common interdisciplinary knowledge of art and technology. Although we attempt to involve artists from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds, we will concentrate on dance, sound design, electro-caustic music and interactive technology.

Sounding Motion relies on practice-based art-pedagogical research methods. It aims to develop the SoMo -method by a series of collaborative improvisation practices, altering with more detailed development sessions. This ensures a development of its technological means and its musical elements and structure in equal parts.

The outcome of the research project will be (a) specific knowledge on how to develop dancing skills through a music-making approach  (b) create new art works to the fields of dance, music and media, and (c) to refine and establish the SoMo method to be later used in academic research.

We intent to make the developed tools and practices, as well as its findings freely available to the general public.

If you are interested in joining the collaborative research please send me a message.


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